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Customer Support
by posted 08/06/2015


Contact Us


1551 S Buffalo Dr. @ All American Sports Park

Office Hours:

Tuesday & Thursdsay from 6pm-8pm

Phone & Email:
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
(702)463-5417 Office

Please allow up to one business day to receive a call back from the NYFL. For quick response please email us.
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by posted 08/06/2015

FAQ's Fall '15

Registering for the Fall season? Here are some general things about the football league you should know about..

Q: How much does registration cost for each season?

A: Membership programs are different to choose from check them out on our website.


Q: What does this include?

A: Depending on the Membership program your family has selected there could be different products.


Q: We paid online what do we do next?

A: Login and find the team you selected and contact your coach! If you didnt select a team contact the league immediatley and we can help place you onto a team so you may start enjoying the convienence of registering at home. Lastly your family must complete certification. If your family has already previously been certified with the NYFL bring in your previous year certfication card and we will update the players photo and issue a new card.


Q: We have finished registering what do we do next?

A: Now that you have registered with the league you have been given information about your head coach. Please review your confirmation email on steps of getting your coaches information, if you have yet to be placed onto a team you will need to contact the league if you do not hear from your coach by the time practice starts each season. Each Head Coach is aware of where and when practice times are. Last step of the registration process is to be a certified player, all parents must bring the participant to the certification located at 1551 S. Buffalo Dr at the All American Park on any Tuesday or Thursday from 6pm-8pm. Bring with you all required documents.


Q: We are having issues with our team who can we contact in regards to this?

A: At any time you have questions concerns or problems with a coach, parent, or volunteer of the league please do not wait to contact us immediately call 702.463.5417 or email us at   and some one will contact you as soon as possible.


Q: We registered online but are having difficulties finding the league office.

A: please contact us directly. 702.463.5417

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The Facts
by posted 02/28/2013

"The Facts" is a informational fact sheet for parents players and coaches to know. 




All parents, coaches and players should read the above information and take each concussion very seriously. Please do not move your child if he is injuired on the field. Wait for your team's CPR medically trained personnel to check your child andmake proper assessments.



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